Now this is not the end.
It is not even the beginning of the end.
But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
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→ Four Quotes [2/4] 
LEXIE: Why do you hate Nathan so much?
JUSTINE: I don’t hate Nathan, I love him, probably as much as you apparently do! He’s kind and funny, incredibly honest. It’s Kate, she doesn’t love him.
LEXIE: She should.
JUSTINE: I know.
LEXIE: It’s not fair.
JUSTINE: I know…but it makes for a really, really good read.

Think about it, Kepner. Take one for the team.

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Give me reasons to believe that you would do the same for me.

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Plane Crash

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Love, love, love

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All the ships I ship: Mark and Lexie (Grey’s Anatomy)

We’re gonna be happy, Lex. You and me; we’re gonna have the best life, Lexie.

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